Women's Encounter

Belize Women's 2023
February 24-26, 2023
  • Encounter Starts
    4:00 pm on February 24th, 2023

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What does it cost?

The cost is BZD350.00. That includes transportation from EMMC (Spanish Lookout, Belize) to the Encounter location, lodging, all materials, and meals while you are away. Scholarships are available. You may apply for a scholarship here. You can pay for Encounter in advance or upon arrival for your Encounter weekend. If paying by check, please include "Encounter" in the memo.

Make checks payable to:
Women's Belize Feb. 2023
English Spanish Lookout, Belize .

Where are we going?

We will be staying at Dream Valley Resort in Cayo., Belize. We will have transportation from EMMC (Spanish Lookout, Belize) to Dream Valley Resort. You are asked not to take your own vehicle.

What do I bring?

  • Pillow, Linen, and Blanket or Sleeping Bag
  • Toiletries
  • Casual Clothing
  • Jacket
  • Bible (do not pack in suitcase)

We want you to be comfortable. Please wear whatever you will be comfortable in.

When do we leave?

Leaving from EMMC:
Route 35 West
Spanish Lookout, Belize .
Check in time is at:
4:00 pm on February 24th, 2023

We will return to EMMC (Spanish Lookout, Belize) on Sunday evening for the final portion of your encounter experience. Upon your return, expect to remain at the location for a final session and wrap up of the weekend.